COVID-19 Update - Your Safety

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

We have been working hard to make sure that both private lessons and group classes are run safely. Dance (Buckingham) has been approved as a COVID-19 secure environment, and a full risk assessment has been completed with industry/expert input.

We are confident that our mitigations do limit the risk that is posed by this coronavirus. Full details can be found on our COVID-secure page, and these include class capacity being limited, smaller class sizes with strict social distancing, due consideration of dances taught with adaptations to avoid over exertion, movement around the room limited to small groupings. Guidelines are continually being updated and we will change our practices to reflect these.

Household couples can access private lessons or those who partner within a support bubble. For group lessons we offer Fitsteps for solo dancers, group lessons for couples and individuals are also welcome at our group classes where we will be able to teach without contact.

Private lessons are available from 25 July and group lessons start from 2nd or 9th September, depending on which class you book. We look forward to welcoming you and bringing a little bit of normality back to your world.


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