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Phase Two of our return to dance

As we return to class it has been important to follow government, scientific and dance industry guidelines.  There are a number of points to be aware of.  The main issues are social distancing, sanitisation, ventilation and consideration of movement around the room. We have implemented mitigations to minimise the risk but you should be aware that risk can never be completely eliminated.  

When it comes to ballroom dance, travelling around the room has to be taken into account when considering the potential of aerosol transmission of Covid-19, although current guidance is not advising that this is the main route for spread of infection. For Latin dance and Fitsteps the travel around the room is not an issue as these dances will be in one location rather than travelling.  However, to mitigate this possible risk in the ballroom genre we will err on the side of caution and be teaching slightly differently. Choreography will be adapted, there will be more focus on technique and there will be a restriction on the number of couples who can travel around the room at once. And of course, maximum ventilation will be implemented.  There may also be more focus on the Latin genre in the shorter term and the less energetic ballroom dances.  Please do contact me if you wish to discuss any of this.

Here are our full guidelines set out below:

Entry/exit to building

  1. As you arrive please sit to change shoes in the pre-cleaned seats which will be ready for you, and leave your belongings on this seat.  There will be one seat per couple.  You must also wear a face covering on entry to class and exit.

  2. If you have tested positive for COVID-19, have experienced coronavirus symptoms or have been in contact with someone who exhibits symptoms you must not attend your lesson.

  3. If you exhibit symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 after you have attended your lesson you must inform us - for further info please visit

  4. The doors to the hall will be left open (until the weather cools) to avoid touching of the internal door and to aid ventilation.  Fire doors in the hall will also be open for ventilation.

  5. Please use the sanitising gel which will be available on arrival and on departure.

  6. At the end of the lesson please leave by the new exit which will be pointed out to you and we ask you to leave promptly to allow cleaning and avoiding crossover with the next class.

Use of common areas and restrooms

  1. Use of the restrooms is strongly discouraged unless absolutely necessary. 

  2. If you do need to use the facilities, we ask that you spray and wipe down the areas touched including the toilet seat, and door handle after use.

Cleaning protocols

  1. The studio will be cleaned thoroughly before the start of lessons.

  2. In the lesson crossover period all door handles and seating areas used will be cleaned.

Social distancing during lessons

  1. There will be no student-teacher physical contact during lessons and a 2 metre distance should be maintained at all times.

  2. Partnering/contact dancing is permitted when members of the same household or support bubble attend together.

  3. There will be a maximum of 12 couples in the hall at any time (or 14 for Fitsteps).

  4. Face coverings are not recommended during exercise - however if you would prefer to wear one that is of course fine.

  5. There will be no access to communal water – please bring your own where needed.

  6. We would ask you not to congregate at the beginning or end of class - government guidelines state that there should be no gatherings of people outside of their own household/bubble, as these situations do pose more risk.

Personal Property

  1. All personal property (which should be kept to a minimum) should be kept on the allocated chairs on arrival, and these will be sanitised at the end of your lesson.

  2. Please note that you should arrive in your dance attire as use of toilets for changing is to be avoided.


  1. Payment should preferably be made online prior to your lesson.

  2. Payment method can also be made through BACS - if using BACS please use your surname as a reference. Account number 12091480. Sort code: 07 01 16.

  3. On the day payments can be made via contactless/chip and pin card reader.

Any cancellations now require 24 hours’ notice as a minimum.



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